Luckie - Headlight (UV)

Luckie - Headlight (UV)

Price from 36,00 DKK 45,00 DKK

Why Luckie?

Luckie is a super versatile bait that can be used both for casting but also for trolling.

It is incredibly useful for active summer fishing but is also suitable for the dull winter fishing, as the bait is designed to maintain its lively action even at very low speeds.


Luckie have already proven it’s worth, when the target is Pike and Zander, but it is perfect for many other predatory species too.


12 cm (13g)
14 cm
18 cm
(42 g)
23 cm (90 g)
29 cm (180 g)


The price is for 1 piece.


Dennis BomBom really showed us all how effective this lure is by catching a 15.8 kilo (129 cm) pike, short after it was released on the market! Impressive catch!



As this is a handmade product, minor variations may occur. There may be a slight delay in delivery as certain lures are made to order.