Luckie7 & Luckie10

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Luckie7 and Luckie10 are the smallest members of the Luckie family, and the sizes are picked out to meet our absolute favourite sizes for perch, and super-light vertical pike and zander fishing. 

Luckie has a super vivid action and lures the fish to bite time after time. It comes in 7 different sizes, but with Luckie7 and Luckie 10 we had especially perch fishing in mind.

On days where the pike and zander are picky and slow, downsizing sometimes does the trick, and that's where Luckie10 come in play. Very often presenting a smaller bait will result in a fish in the net. 

Luckie7 are mostly fished on a standard jighead or dropshot style, but we have had tremendous succes fishing them on a Carolina rig for that long and slow sinking hang time.


Luckie7 comes in a 6-pack.
Luckie10 comes in a 4-pack.

Luckie7: Weighs 2.4 gr. and measures 7 cm.
Luckie10: Weighs 7.5 gr. and measures 10 cm.