About us

What is High 5 Lures?

High 5 Lures was founded back in 2015 and in the years after it has developed from being a hobby shop to being a serious gear manufacturer with high ambitions.


High 5 Lures has a wide range of bait designed to catch various freshwater predatory fish. The list is long: Pike, musky, perch, bass, trout ect.


Every detail of the baits is well thought out and designed to perform 100%.


If you have not yet tried a bait from High 5 Lures, you now have the opportunity.


It's never too late.



Our goal is to produce lures that you love to catch fish on. It is to make lures that are both beautiful and elegant and at the same time irresistible to the fish. We love working in this field and not only is it a job but also a passion, which is why we never slacken on quality.

Stash up - you will not regret it!




High 5 Lures has a team of experienced and skilled anglers who all spend many hours on the water each year. These team members are dedicated anglers who only go after the lake's predatory fish.

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Dennis BomBom is co-owner of High 5 Lures. He is an experienced pike angler, and fishes from both kayak and boat. He has fished all his life, and his years as an adult he has spent specializing in freshwater predatory fish.

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Finn Sloth is co-owner of High 5 Lures. He is a dedicated pike angler, but other of the lake's predatory fish are also a target. Finn Sloth has held the Danish record for largest pike caught with a fishing rod. The pike measured 126 cm and 21.1 kg.

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Kasper is one of the veterans on the High 5 team.

He fishes primarily for pike and zander, but perch and trout should not feel too safe.

Kasper has many pike from the brackish water but has moved more to the vertical fishing for the lake's predatory fish. He spends hour after hour in his kayak fishing.

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Frederik is an incarnated pike fisherman from South Zealand, but has moved to the mainland to pursue his dreams of nature and big fish.

Frederisk fishes from a Hobie kayak and casts along the reeds.

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Tó Ferreira

Bass angler from Portugal. Every time Tó Ferreira goes to the water he sends us pictures of big beautiful bass that he has caught.

He fishes from his Hobie kayak and sneaks quietly into the fish he presents to High 5 Lures.

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Andreas Strand

A skilled pike angler from Denmark. Fishing out of his Tracker boat, targeting pike, perch and zander. Andreas is your typical cast and retrieve angler, but has moved a bit towards the vertical adventures too.


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Marcus and Robin are a team in the team and they always fish together.

As a junior, they joined the High 5 team but retained their place after turning 18.

Marcus and Robin fish primarily freshwater and are always looking for the lake's heaviest fish.

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