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Frederik got

High 5 angler Frederik Josefsen was out for a short session with Finn. During this time Finn managed to put him right on the fish and with Frederiks skills and Luckie 14, Frederik pulled in a decent pike!

This Luckie 14 is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Convince those lazy pike to bite! The ones that are hesitating just can't resist when put in front of Luckie 14. Seems like this little snack is just irresistible to them. Very cool!


The bait of the day was Luckie 14 in the "Martina" colour combo. A wise choice by Frederik as we've seen Martina catch huge fish on it up in Sweden.


Direct link to the bait:


Don't think twice about sharing this bait with your friends. They all should have the same benefits as you do.