Vertigo V2

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The Vertigo V2

Vertigo was great, but the Vertigo V2 is even greater and has already produced several huge catches.

The Vertigo V2 is designed for vertical fishing and is a more fine and more smooth edition of the previous Vertigo. It’s a very streamlined bait that is designed to dive really fast. The shape of the Vertigo V2 is meant to imitate baitfish in a good and easily edible size.

The Vertigo V2 comes in two different sizes: 

  • 17 cm / 20 gram
  • 22 cm / 40 gram

The Vertigo V2 is made out of a harder rubber blend than our other soft baits, and we have added in a bit of floating additive to ensure a more perfect presentation.

You can choose between our absolute favorite colors, so make your pick.