Drop9 - Catch your new PB with Drop9!

Designed for perch fishing.

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Drop9 is designed specifically for dropshot fishing for perch. But fishes also great with a lightweight jighead, preferably with short shank. Drag it on the bottom with small twitches and spin stops or retrieve it steady. They will bite!


Drop9 fishes incredibly well on a Ned-rig where its long and lively tail will stand and wave to the fish. Totally irresistible. Its also super effective on a Carolina-rig fished slowly with an incredible hang-time. Never hesitate to give these techniques a try!


Drop9 is a 3 in 1 bait, as it is designed so that the tail can be cut to your own wish, either as it is standard or a V-tail or a pin tail (illustrated in the picture).


Drop9 is a fantastic bait even on the very hard days, as you can present the bait longer in front of the fish, and right in the strike zone, and with the long lively tail it is almost irresistible to the perch.


– 9 cm. (3,5 inch)
– 3 grams. (0,1 oz)
– Comes in 6-packs


Drop9 already has several perch over 2 kg. on the conscience.


It’s also great when targeting trout.