Sally v2

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Sally the jerkbait is a classic in the High5 range of products. It has been around since the beginning, and in 2020 we gave it a face lift to optimize everything that was possible.

Now we have Sally v2. An even cooler jerbait, that is so easy to fish that you almost cannot do it wrong. 

Measures 11.5 cm
Weighs 48 g.

Jerk or steady retrieve it, and you will see amazing performance. 

By jerking it you will have a bait going from side to side, exactly as you want it. If you choose to steady retrieve it, you will have a bait running in a big “s” curve. Don't forget your spin stops on the way. 

Perfect for casting and even trolling on shallow water.

Try to retrieve Sally over the weed beds and watch what happens.