Monster pike on Luckie 18, Pike

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Monster pike on Luckie 18, Pike

During a fishing trip Finn and BomBom had been struggling to find the fish. They'd been everywhere from the very deep areas to the super shallow, but no fish were to be found.


Suddenly when cruising in to a 2 meter deep area, BomBom spots huge echo on the Echomap. We had just been fishing at 4-5 meters of depth so there was a bit of adjusting to be done, before the lures were ready for cast and retrieve at 2 meters. Quickly was BomBom ready and placed the lure perfectly for the pike to see. Slow retrieve right towards the big echo.... Intensity increased! He knew the lure was just besides the fish now, and it was only a matter of seconds before the fish would notice the Luckie and hopefully strike!


NOW! The fish turns and sets off in an attack! BAM!!! FISH ON!


After a good fight a huge pike was in the net, and BomBom sat back in the seat to just take a couple of deep breath, before unhooking and handling.


A quick photo and a beautiful release of this majestic pike!


The lure was again Luckie18 in the fantastick and always catching Pike pattern. This bait just seem to always work! So many big fish ave been caught using this one.

You can find it here by clicking the link: Luckie - Pike