High 5 Lures anglers ranked 1st. and 2nd.

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High 5 Lures anglers ranked 1st. and 2nd.

Åmål Kayak Challange is the biggest Northern European kayak competition.

Target species are pike and perch! Perfect match with the High 5 Lures range of baits...

Finn and Kasper are both GREAT anglers, but we believe that the extra little touch of perfection came with the fact that they won it all only by fishing with High 5 Lures!

These two lads secured a 1st. and 2nd place in the competion with top fish of 103 and 108 cm. Wicket!

The fact that 6 out of the 10 biggest fish caught during the competition was caught using High 5 Lures. THAT is pretty amazing!

In top 10 H5 had 3 anglers representet, with Dennis BomBom struggling his way up to a 10th place.

Big Congrats to Finn and Kasper with their amazing perfoemance. Well done guys!!!


This isn't the first time High 5 Lures anglers make it to the top using only High 5 Lures baits. At the last Predator Cup Dennis BomBom, Finn and Kasper lost by one single centimeter and got 2nd.

East Coast Kayak Challange Dennis BomBom and Finn ranked 2nd and 3rd. Of course only using High 5 Lures baits.

And so it continues!

We love this game, and we love competing with High 5 Lures baits.