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  1. Kasper has great success with Vertigo! (VIDEO)

    Kasper has great success with Vertigo! (VIDEO)

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    Pro Staffer Kasper has experienced great success with the (still) new Vertigo.   Targeting the pike and zanders using his Livescope transducer, the Vertigo has taken his fishing a level up. Fish kept coming in numbers and the...
  2. Finesse baits in jars!

    Finesse baits in jars!

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    Hey guys. Did you know that our small finesse baits come in a little, easy to pack and stack plastic jar? Well, they do! They are easy to pack in your fishing bag, tackle box or put on the counter in your tackle store....
  3. Sally V2, ready for you!

    Sally V2, ready for you!

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    Sally has been an withus for many years now, and has grown to be a true classic. Over the years we have been talking about how to improve Sally, without changing it too much, as it is perfect as is! Long talks and lots of drawings made us...
  4. Luckie ensured a scale pull at 10300 gram

    Luckie ensured a scale pull at 10300 gram

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    10.3 kg and 116 cm QUEEN pike! Wow! Yet again Luckie produces a giant catch for Dennis BomBom. This time spinfishing in Sweden! Actually this was the first of two MASSIVE pike caught that day - and who knows, the other one...
  5. Luckie Approved!

    Luckie Approved!

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    Luckie Approved! We have been working on prototypes for more than a year. Several times we have been on the lake and back to the workshop, to polish small details on Luckie. Especially the last year has been intense with...