The Worm

The Worm

The WORM is a super effective little natural looking worm, that mainly was designed for trout and perch fishing, but have already caught a big variate of species.


The WORM has proven to be an amazing bait when targeting trout, either if it’s in the trout pond, or coastal trout’s.

We recommend to rig The WORM, on a Mustad Slow Death hook size 2. The Slow Death hook makes the bait spin easily and a attractive. They won't be able to resist it.


When fishing for perch, we recommend to rig The Worm on a dropshot rig, either wacky style or nose hooked. Mustad No-Twist hook size 4 is our choice for hooks.


The WORM comes in small jars that are easy to pack in your bag and take with you. There are 10 WORMS in a jar and you can choose it natural or with scents. Make your choice in the menu.